Yamaska River Fall 2014

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On a nice fall day in October me and a few of my friends from que-yak.ca and scorpio-ld.blogspot.com decided to try some fishing on the Yamaska river.  As you will see on the map the boat launch that we used was located off a quiet country road and overall the whole area was very quiet that day.

Having never fished there and it being a cool fall morning I think I went a little heavy handed on the types of lures I brought. I had three casting rods one with a jointed rapala for trolling another with spinner and a last heavy rod with a larger spoon.

My first step on any expedition is always recon.  I started paddling down the river and looking for structure both off the banks and my sonar. From what I heard that part of the river was good for musky and bass. So once I paddled up the river I started throwing my spinner around structure and outer bends to cover as much water as possible but by the end of the day all I got is a single bass. It was a great day out on the water though even though I didn’t catch much I really enjoyed myself.  Here’s a video of my day out.

Good luck and good fishing.