Richelieu River 2015 (Sleepy Hollow Kayak Fishing Tournament)

Back in June I participated in my first kayak fishing tournament on the Richelieu River. The tournament was organized by the guys from QUE-YAK.CA and I have to say they did a great job organizing the tournament and getting all the sponsors and prizes together.  I didn’t do very well in the tournament but I thought I would share what it was like fishing the Richelieu River that day.

The event was held at the Sleepy Hollow campground where we all launched our boats from the beach.  I’m not sure if you can launch your boat from that area so I would contact the campground before you make your way up there but I have included a map of the campground location.

[mapsmarker marker=”13″]

Based on some research  I decided to go towards ash island but once out on the water I realized that it would be a tough day since it was very windy and I was getting tossed around all day. Here’s a map on the area I fished:  the red stars represent where I caught fish but I also added a yellow star to show where some of the other particpants caught big bass.

Sleepy Hallow

I started the day off fishing with a weedless jig and plastic craw but switched up to a square bill crank bait when fishing around some of the docks. Most of my catches turned out to be small rock bass that day but  the big bass of the day was caught by casting the jig into some branches from a downed tree.

Bass of the day.

Overall it was a tough day of fishing and although I didn’t do so good in the tournament I still had a great time participating and exploring a new fishing spot.

Good luck and good fishing.