Montreal Hunting Fishing and Camping show 2015



It’s February, and like every year at around this time,  the Montreal Hunting Fishing and Camping show was held at the Palais des Congrès.

With 250 exhibitors there was plenty of  information on gear, lures and fishing trips all in one place.   There were also over 80 outfitters and reps from various tourist organizations, ZECs and national parks which was really helpful in choosing new places to explore this year.  Finally, it was great to get my hands on a bunch of the latest different rods and reels all in the same place as well as have the opportunity to meet and learn from some experts.


At the Rapala booth the two new 2015 lures  I really found interesting  and I think will really work well for pike are the Rattlin’ Minnow Spoon and the BX Waking Minnow.

20150222_114504 20150222_114452

At the Daiwa booth I learned about their magsealed reels and got some hands on with the ballistic EX and Certate -HA reels. Check out the video below on the Magseal technology.

At the Shimano booth I finally got my hands on a Stella reel and decided that one day I’ll own one of these.  It’s ultra engineered and silky smooth – requiring very little force to initiate the handle into rotation.  In addition to very little resistance on the rotation and unlike other reels the Stella is very well balanced and without the slightest hint of mechanical drag. It’s apparent that the mechanics have really been tweaked to achieve this level of performance, which makes it worth the premium price.

After I was sold on the Stella reel, I was happy to find the Montreal fly fishing club.  Meeting them made it easy to imagine I’d be learning fly fishing one day soon.    They’re a non-profit organization which organizes many different activities throughout the year.  Visit their website at:

At the Ontario parks booth I found out that you can fish the Voyageur park with a Quebec fishing licence so that will definitely be trip I will take this year.

I sat in on a ice fishing seminar which was very informative and I’m thinking I will give ice fishing a go next year.

I saw slip disks at the Scotty booth, which allow you to make micro adjustments to your holders making them a must for your kayak setup.

Finally, I saw and bought some new Live Target Bait Ball lures which should work well for both bass and pike.


It was a great show overall and if you have never been I recommend you visit next year;  especially if you are looking to plan a trip or buy some new gear. The only negative was that the kayak fishing scene wasn’t well represented at the show,  but with the popularity of kayak fishing growing in Quebec I’m sure that will change.

Good luck and good fishing.