Île Bizard- Rivière des Prairies 2015

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In early June I took a short trip to do some pike fishing at  a spot I scouted last year in ile Bizard.  While searching through google maps for some good fishing locations, I came across a boat launch locations with free water access.  As you will see on the map this spot is not easy to find , but once you cross blvd Jacques Bizard take a right on Cherrier and look for the entrance on the left after you pass Elmridge.

This turne out to be a nice spot for both kayak and shore fishing since you have access to water in multiple locations. You also won’t need a kayak cart since you can just back into the boat launch and setup your boat right there.

When I got there, it was mid morning and while setting up my boat I got the usual comments from the guys with the power boats which still shows how much of a novelty kayak fishing is in Quebec.

When I started fishing the bay I noticed a lot of vegetation, so I began with my frog setup to see if I could get any top water bites but didn’t have much luck.  After a while I moved to the side of the bay opposite the boat launch and changed to a Northland JAW-BREAKER® SPOON and got a bite from a medium size pike but couldn’t get it to the boat.

In the afternoon I moved out of the bay to try fishing the western shore (opposite the dock) but it was tough since its an open area and you get battered by the wind.  Since I was getting pushed around by the waves and wind I decided to fish from the shore instead and this time I used an Eppinger® Dardevle® Spoon in red and white and hooked a small bass, but nothing else.

After awhile I decided to go back into the bay back to where I first hooked that pike and towards the end of the day  I caught two more small pike using that  Dardevle® Spoon and decided to call it a day.

Map of fished area and catch locations
Map of fished area. Stars represent fish that were caught or almost caught.

So overall it’s a nice little spot to do some fishing and even though there are power boats they move into the river quickly so you won’t get batted by the wake.

Good luck and good fishing!