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Île Bizard- Rivière des Prairies 2015

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In early June I took a short trip to do some pike fishing at  a spot I scouted last year in ile Bizard.  While searching through google maps for some good fishing locations, I came across a boat launch locations with free water access.  As you will see on the map this spot is not easy to find , but once you cross blvd Jacques Bizard take a right on Cherrier and look for the entrance on the left after you pass Elmridge.

This turne out to be a nice spot for both kayak and shore fishing since you have access to water in multiple locations. You also won’t need a kayak cart since you can just back into the boat launch and setup your boat right there.

When I got there, it was mid morning and while setting up my boat I got the usual comments from the guys with the power boats which still shows how much of a novelty kayak fishing is in Quebec.

When I started fishing the bay I noticed a lot of vegetation, so I began with my frog setup to see if I could get any top water bites but didn’t have much luck.  After a while I moved to the side of the bay opposite the boat launch and changed to a Northland JAW-BREAKER® SPOON and got a bite from a medium size pike but couldn’t get it to the boat.

In the afternoon I moved out of the bay to try fishing the western shore (opposite the dock) but it was tough since its an open area and you get battered by the wind.  Since I was getting pushed around by the waves and wind I decided to fish from the shore instead and this time I used an Eppinger® Dardevle® Spoon in red and white and hooked a small bass, but nothing else.

After awhile I decided to go back into the bay back to where I first hooked that pike and towards the end of the day  I caught two more small pike using that  Dardevle® Spoon and decided to call it a day.

Map of fished area and catch locations
Map of fished area. Stars represent fish that were caught or almost caught.

So overall it’s a nice little spot to do some fishing and even though there are power boats they move into the river quickly so you won’t get batted by the wake.

Good luck and good fishing!

Yamaska River Fall 2014

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On a nice fall day in October me and a few of my friends from and decided to try some fishing on the Yamaska river.  As you will see on the map the boat launch that we used was located off a quiet country road and overall the whole area was very quiet that day.

Having never fished there and it being a cool fall morning I think I went a little heavy handed on the types of lures I brought. I had three casting rods one with a jointed rapala for trolling another with spinner and a last heavy rod with a larger spoon.

My first step on any expedition is always recon.  I started paddling down the river and looking for structure both off the banks and my sonar. From what I heard that part of the river was good for musky and bass. So once I paddled up the river I started throwing my spinner around structure and outer bends to cover as much water as possible but by the end of the day all I got is a single bass. It was a great day out on the water though even though I didn’t catch much I really enjoyed myself.  Here’s a video of my day out.

Good luck and good fishing.

Ile de Boucherville 2014

Last August, I made another visit to Ile de Boucherville, but this time I went on a weekday.  I was on a mission to catch some pike and also wanted to see if the same areas I hit last year would produce results. Watch the video for all the highlights of my day:)

On this trip, two lures produced results. The first was the Rapala scatter rap which I trolled along the weeds.  The second was the Live Target frog popper which worked well when I was fishing the La Passe canal.

Visiting during the week definitely paid off:  boat traffic was minimal and I had the area mostly to myself.  If you’re planning a visit, below is a map of the area I fished.  Note that the red stars on the map represent areas where I caught pike.

Ile de Boucherville

Good luck and good fishing!

Bois de Liesse Park

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Boid de Liesse nature park is located on Gouin boulevard and highway 13. It’s usually a quiet park, and paid parking can be found inside  at a cost of 9$  or you can park for free on Ave. du Ruisseau and just walk in.  Note that the parking lot is located on the east side of the highway13 overpass and isn’t always open.

Once in the park there a few designated shore fishing spots, but in the spring your options will be limited due to the high water level.

I visited this park a few times over the past two years and caught a variety of species using nightcrawlers on a three way rig. There’s a sharp dropoff close to shore and the bottom is very rocky,  so snags are frequent and unavoidable and you should plan accordingly.  Also make sure to bring  insect repellent if you don’t want to be eaten alive by mosquitoes.

Here are  pictures of some fish I caught in this park along with the  dates for each catch.   This should give you a good idea of what species can be found in the area during different times of year.

This is a great and usually quiet area to fish but as I mentioned earlier don’t forget your DEET or you will regret it.

Good luck and good fishing!

Île de la Visitation

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Île de la Visitation park is located in the east end of Montreal close to Papineau and Gouin  boulevards . The park is accessible from Boulevard Gouin and one of the few fishing spots on the island that are easily accessible if you travel by transit.  From Henri Bourassa metro station there are a few buses that will bring you within a few blocks from the main entrance.  If you’re driving, you’ll find paid parking inside the park but on a quiet day you can easily find free parking on Avenue Bruchési or other side streets and just walk into the park.

Once inside be sure to stop and look at the park map next to the  welcome center to find the designated fishing spots which are located on across from the main park on the island.  This area is designated zone 8,  but there are restrictions, so make sure you check the regulations.

I found that the best time to fish the area is early June and you can expect to catch  walleye, bass and catfish.

Later in the summer when the water gets low you can sight fish for gar.

Also,  I’ve found it’s better to fish the area during the week because during the summer  the park is full of people on the weekends.

It also seems that some of the visitors don’t have much respect for  keeping our shores clean because you’ll find discarded fishing line all over the shore.  If you’re like me,  bring something to collect the waste carelessly left by others but if you’re the one leaving junk on the shore, bring your trash home with you.

Here are some pictures of the fish I caught in the area the few times I was there.


So if you are looking for an easily accessible quiet area to do some shore fishing in the north east part of the island this is definitely a place you should check out.

Good luck and good fishing!

Oka National Park

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This post is about a trip I made to Oka park at the end of May 2014.

Oka park is on the lake of two mountains.  It has a great beach and it’s a great spot to take your family for a day out.  I knew that it was a going to be great area to kayak and the weather couldn’t be better on the day I was there.  The temp was in the mid twenties, sunny and the wind around 5 km/h.

The first disappointment about this whole trip happened when I learned that the $10 entrance fee applied to me even though I had the yearly pass for all national parks.  Had I known what the rest of my excursion would be like, I’m sure I would have turned around right then and there and looked for another place to launch.

As it was, I paid the fee, justifying the unexpected expense by knowing that I was contributing to preserve some of our natural environment.

After driving past the main parking, I was able to park farther away from the main beach where I unloaded my boat.  A  kayak kart was necessary for this,  but it gave me access to a sandy shore  where I was able to launch my boat with ease .

Launch site

Unfortunately, I found out soon after launching that  this park is that it is NOT fishing friendly.

You cannot fish from shore in most of the park and as soon as I loaded my rods in the boat I started getting hassled by the park employees.

The worst part about all of this was that the employees seem to have their own opinion as to what constitutes the rules of the park.  Before my trip, I took note that Oka park was listed as “same as zone” on the Quebec fishing regulation website .  This means that if fishing from the water, the regulations state that the area can be fished with the same regulations as Zone 8 .

When I got there the guy that stopped to check my fishing permit told me that I had to stay 800 meters from shore but when I called the park for information they had no clue about that regulation.

Basically the staff is the park is confused as to the fishing regulations in the area.   Also don’t risk take a break on shore with your rods out because you will get hassled by park staff on jet-skies  even if you are not fishing.

Shore break
Shore break

It’s really interesting how much grief I got for fishing in the area but what really hurt my feelings was that having people running around naked on the secluded beaches in the park is accepted. Yes,  you will get an eyeful of mainly naked dudes prancing around the shore.  

Let me tell you… that was an unpleasant surprise especially since this is a public park. So if you bring your family there don’t go walking in the woods and stay on the main beach.

In between getting to know the park employees as well as the other candid visitors, I did actually do some fishing like I had planned.  I had come prepared to  see if I could catch some pike.

I had planned to use big spoons, large plugs and spinnerbaits. As usual, while paddling towards la grande baie  I did  some trolling and looked for fishing opportunities.

Once I got to the bay I saw other fishermen using spinners and casting towards cover so I decided to try the same.   After few casts I got a pike to follow my lure all the way to the  kayak but he didn’t hit my lure.  I fished the area for a few hours but after that initial encouraging sign  no bites. I tried different spinners and weedless spoons but no still no bites.

So my day out on the water was great but anytime I hit the shore I got hassled by incompetent park staff which kind of ruined the day.  In conclusion, be warned if you’re looking  to fish in peace:  don’t launch from the park and be careful about the sight of  naked people in the woods around the Oka National Park.

Good luck and good fishing.

Lac St Louis (Lachine)

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Last weekend, I explored Lac St Louis in my kayak.  I had previously fished the area from shore and caught a variety of species including rock bass, smallmouth, prech and walleye.  Since it was my first time fishing the area in a kayak I thought I would concentrate on exploring  while targeting walleye.

I had checked the weather before leaving the house and with temps in the mid teens and winds in the 20 Kph range I knew it would be a hard day on the water. Driving through Dorval I saw whitecaps so I decided to launch from Lachine since I knew that the area would be more sheltered. The spot I launched from is shown on the map above and it was a great location to get your boat to the water. Here are a some pictures of the launch.

Kayak launch in Lachine
Kayak launch in Lachine
I managed to park right next to the boat lunch and didn’t even need a kayak cart. If you are going to park in that parking lot be warned that the parking is 1.50$ per hour so it cost me close to 20$ for the day.

Once on the water is was a hard paddling day since the wind was quite strong. Below is a short video and the area which should give you an idea of the water conditions that day.

After paddling a while I decided to stop and do some jigging with a chartreuse grub while drifting with the wind. Since my fish-finder was showing fish at about 20 feet  I let my jig head descend just above that depth while following its decent on the fish finder. Again since the wind was quite strong I ended up where I started quite quickly and without any fish. I tried this again and again without any bites.

After that I decided to paddle toward the marina which was more sheltered while tolling a shallow diving plug. I usually  troll while paddling since you never know when you’re going to get a bite.  Once in the marina I let myself drift once more while jugging but I wasn’t marking any fish on the fish-finder or the hook.

So overall it was a tough day out on the water but in case you want to hit the same spots as me here is a general map of the area I fished that day.

Fished area
Fished area

As they say a bad day on the water is still better than a good day at work.

Good luck and good fishing.

Île Charron Park Boat Launch

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So it’s May third and I finally had the chance to visit the Île Charron Park.  You can get to this park by taking the same exit you would take to get to the Île de Boucherville national park.  Île Charron has a boat launch and in the summer when the water gets lower you can also launch next to to boat launch.

The good part about this launch location is that the parking is free and it’s very easy to get to the water.  You can actually park so close to the launch you don’t even need a kayak kart to get to the water.

Unfortunately,  I would still use a kayak kart because  I wouldn’t want to leave my boat unattended in that park, the reason being that there was a lot of traffic from a bunch of guys hanging out in their cars,  driving from one parking spot to another.  This is a public park and it seemed to me that there were some people hanging around with intentions that weren’t easy to identify,  so don’t leave your stuff lying around.

The weather on the day I was there  was cloudy and rainy and the water temp was approximately 6 Celsius.  Since pike season was officially open and I noticed that there was a lot of cover in the area I decided to go out with my heavier gear and lures.

I brought heavy and medium heavy rods and some big spoons, spinners and larger plugs.  I fished the area that’s highlighted in the map below first by trolling shad and perch colored plugs and then once I got to the Île Verte I drifted all along the edge of the island casting weedless spoons.


In the early spring Île Verte is partially submerged so there is a lot of cover,  but on the day I was there was no fish.  I’m planning to fish the area in late spring again and hopefully this time I will have more luck.

Good luck and good fishing.

Lac St-Louis

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Today’s post is for those of you that are looking for a fun day out fishing with the kids,  or just a quick shore fishing trip for some pan fish because we can’t be  hardcore kayak anglers all the time.  Sometimes you just want to sit by the water’s edge and enjoy a sunny summer’s day.

A good spot for this is in Marina d’escale in Lachine on St-Joseph boulevard between 21st and 24th ave.   Just go out on the dock and you can fish either side,  but on your way, be sure to stop at Lachine bait and tackle to pickup some night crawlers so that you’re ready for a fun day of fishing.

IMG_0162 IMG_0156

For the kids,  any rod will do-just put on a float,  a hook and piece of night-crawler and you’re all set.

The goal is to keep the kids catching fish and to keep them interested.

For you I suggest you bring some light or ultra light gear spooled with some 2lb  test and small jig heads. I like the VMC tinsel jig which I usually tip with a small piece of night crawler and that’s usually all it takes to keep me busy fishing.

If you’re there in the evening you can bring a heavier setup.  I had some success casting  a Erie Dearie with a night crawler and catching some walleye.

Good luck and good fishing!



Bois-de-l’Île-Bizard Park

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In late July I decided to visit Bois-de-l’Île-Bizard Park in the west island. It was a nice sunny day and as usual I didn’t get there until late morning. I have been to the park before to fish from the dock so I knew more or less what to expect in the area. I the past I had caught perch, smallmouth, catfish and freshwater drum but this was the first time I was going to fish the area from a kayak.

The entrance to the park is off Chemin du bord du lac and once you get into the park there is paid parking which costs 9$ for the day but If you plan to visit any of the Big Montreal parks there is also a yearly pass which costs 55$ for Montreal residents. Before you park your car you should continue to the boat launch which is just a bit further and once there you can unload your boat and your gear. I was there alone so l only unloaded what I knew I could leave securely in the boat because the parking is a 5 minute walk away and I didn’t want to leave any my expensive gear unattended.

The day started out quiet I paddled out towards the house on the right side of the dock and fished the weeds along the shore using spinnerbaits.  After thoroughly fishing the area without much success I decided to mode to deeper water. I paddled across the bay to the area around the beach and since it was mid day and I had gotten a few hits on the fish finder in deeper water I decided to change techniques and go with a dropshot rig.

I was fishing a 4″ Berkley power minnow and as soon I dropped it into the water I started getting hits. It turned out they weren’t the hits I was looking for. The bottom of the bay was full of mussels and they would either attach to the dropshot weight or the lure. After about an hour I decided to go into deeper water and paddle towards Laval sur le lac. The one issue I had was the wake from power boats as I paddled my way to my next fishing sport. My persistence finally paid off in the afternoon when I finally hit the spot where the bass were. Still fishing drop shot but this time with a grub I caught some medium size smallmouth.

IMG_0204 IMG_0201

There was quite a bit of current where I was so I recommend that once you get on a good spot you anchor there because between the wake from the boats and the current you will either have to do a lot paddling to stay where you want to be.

As always it was a great summer day out on the water and overall its a nice area to fish but you will have to do some exploring and in late July you will have more luck in the deeper water. You can get away without using a kayak cart to launch your boat but I would recommend you bring a kayak lock if you are alone as you have to leave your boat to park your car.

Good luck and good fishing!