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  1. Hey, anyone fished from a kayak on the rivière du nord? I’m in St Colomban and hear the fishing is good close to St Jerome. Thanks

  2. Hi There
    I’m new to the sport (my first season) and I can’t wait for the fishing season to begin. I’m a little nervous about venturing out on my own, so I would appreciate it if anyone goes out and needs a fishing buddy please feel free to contact me.
    I would be interested to go up to ZEC lavigne in the spring for trout.

    1. Lasierra I wasn’t sure if I could finish paying off my kayak to be at the tournament but this year how my kayak rigged up nice and I have already registered and I’m coming can’t wait

  3. hey if anyone wants a kayak fishing buddy, email me at anguish @ gmail.com 🙂 I have some good spots.

  4. Hi everyone.
    I would just like to mention that there is some good fishing around the Laval area. I fish on the Riviere Mille Isles waterway. I drop my kayak near Rosemear, there is a boat launch just when you go over the bridge on Blvd. Cure Labelle, entering Rosemere.
    p.s. Will come back to this site soon. Keep us posted on future Kayak activities around Montreal. Thanks for the effort that was put in this site. I liked the breakdown of all the fishing spots.

  5. No sonar required, check the tournament rules on que-yak.ca in the tournament section, scroll down and you’ll see a link to the rules, you need a measuring ruler with a digital camera or phone camera and the data plug so we can see the photos, hope to see you their!

  6. The Sleepy Hollow Kayak/Canoe Bass Tournament Presented By Que-Yak.ca

    Hi everyone. Please have a look at http://www.que-yak.ca and check the Tournament Section and consider participating. We’ve worked hard to make sure there are prizes and fun to be had by all. What do you need to Participate? A kayak/canoe, a fishing license, a digital camera, a rod and a ticket!, also a sense of adventure is always an added bonus ;). We now have 2 kayaks as participation prizes an Old Town Predator and a Pelican Strike plus dozens of other related prizes in excess of a $3000.00 dollar value!!!, Sign Up And Come Enjoy The Day!

    1. Just a quick update, we Now have 3 Kayaks to give away at the tournament, a Jackson Cruise 12 is added to the Venue, Thanks to all of you and all our sponsors for making The The Sleepy Hollow Kayak/Canoe Bass Fishing Tournament a success !! Cheers Everyone, Hope to see you Their.

    2. I am new at this sport . Been fishing since childhood very excited but trying to finish paying my kayak to be able to participate in the tournament do I have to have a fish finder or a sonar to be able to participate ?

      1. Hi thanks for checking out the site and glad to see another angler taking up kayak fishing. There is nothing it the rules that requires a sonar but it helps. Check out the tournament regulations and you can also ask the guys from que-yak.ca.

  7. Hi!!! I used to fish a lot in my country, and I want to try to fish here in Montreal, It is possible for you to give me some advice?…a good fishing spot to start near the city, and what kind of bait is good here???…I really appreciate it…

    1. If you are fishing from shore check out my last two posts and the one on Lachine and that should get you started. Bois de Ile Bizard also has a dock you can fish from but get there early. If you are shore fishing in an area where you can’t really walk along the shore you can’t go wrong with some worms and a three way rig. If you are fishing artificial lures then I recommend Lachine where you can walk along the shore and hit a few different spots. If you are looking to buy gear I recommend you try Le Baron on St-Laurent or Sail in Laval. Hope this helps.

    1. There is a kayak fishing event at Ile de Boucherville park this Saturday My 10th. If you have some time check it out its from 8am to 6pm.

  8. Hi new to the sport just got a pelican strike 120 live in the west island would like to meet up with some people to go out this year

  9. Hi I just bought a Jackson Cuda 14 & I notice that there are a growing number of yak fishermen trying to find each other in the Montreal region.
    {t would be awesome to have 3-4 fishing “events” ( N,S,W,E) where yakkers could get together to fish & talk about our sport. antibody have any ideas to help make this happen?

  10. Thanks for starting this site. There is very little local info out there. I’ve had an Elie Gulf 120 XE since July. Its performed well on the ocean but I haven’t had the time to go out locally yet to fish and need to make a few mods to get it set up to my liking. I built a cart with PVC pipe based on a couple of designs I found on the internet and its held up well over some rough terrain. The 10″ tires are a bit small for sand, but it breaks down in 2 minutes and can be stored inside the kayak. I am located off-island to the west and will probably be trying lac des Deux Montagnes, lac St. Francois and the Ottawa River system in the coming weeks if I can get away from work long enough.

    1. Hey thanks for the comments and for visiting the site. Glad to hear your DIY kart is working out I gave up on mine and went with the Wheeleez card that I picked up at MEC for 95$ which has been great so far. Let me know how it goes once you get out on the water.

  11. Hello. I have a 20 foot Crestliner with a 200 hp Honda on lake Memphremagog, but I recently bought a Hobie pro angler 14 kayak. I like you am looking for good fishing spots to fish with my kayak. I don’t understand how your site works, all I see are boat ramps on a map. Sorry

    1. Thanks for visiting the site and posting a comment. The site is in its early stages and the link to the map with all the boat launches is to give people an idea of places where you can launch your kayak around the island and the species of fish in the area. I have purchased my Native 12 ultimate this year and have visited a few spots around the island and so far I can recommend that the following.

      Ile de Boucherville park for some good pike fishing had success on both my visits but this time of year I recommend the south side of de la Commune island. Lots of power boats though so a bit of a pain when fishing from a kayak.
      There is the area around the free boat launch on ile Charron that I’m planning on visiting. I know there is some bass around there but you will have to explore since I haven’t had a chance to fish there yet.
      There is also Parc Nature de bois de ile Bizard there is a dock where you can launch your kayak but you will need to use the chemin du bord du lac entrance. Had some good success with drop shot for smallmouth there is also lots of perch.
      On ile bizard island there is also a free boat launch along chemin Cherrier past Elmridge. Fished the area without much success when I was there.
      You can also try Lac St-Louis. You can launch your kayak from the parking on St-Joseph and 24th av. Again lots of perch, smallmouth and some walleye.
      If you’re looking for a road trip you can also visit Yamaska national park for some smallmouth and perch fishing in the reservoir there is usually not many people and no power boats so its quiet.

      Hope this helps. I am still exploring and trying to get out there as much as possible but unfortunately work keeps getting in the way. I will be updating the site with some pics and more info later this month but If you find some good spots please share and I will post on the site.

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